Aleea catre curtea Scolii Voinesti-Leresti - Leresti, Arges

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Aleea catre curtea Scolii Voinesti-Leresti
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Aleea catre curtea Scolii Voinesti-Leresti

Aleea catre curtea Scolii Voinesti-Leresti, 2008

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On the one hand .adding more psychology euroscs _might_ be a distraction from things more immediately relevant to field work usually things of the heavy-duty investigation sort.But on the other .knowing about human nature isn't a bad thing. It isn't even a question of knowing how to de-escalate situations, or how to manipulate people into coming quietly or giving information _without_ having to pull weapons.Sometimes, at that level of investigative work, you do _want to_ anticipate the enemy's next moves. Just saying that criminals are all dumb and therefore predictable doesn't always cut it. Or even usually, really. FBI people more than any other are about cutting the _heads_ off of snakes, so to speak: they go after ringleaders and cartel masterminds, to say the least. So it might help if at least one of the agents on a field team can actually get inside the enemy's head and figure out what he's going to do next.The alternative outsourcing it to someone else just looks unprofessional to say the least. It looks bad, ok, when even ordinary policemen have to hit the internet and look for alleged online experts to fill in the blanks of their knowledge base. I've had this happen before and recently too[*].So how much worse is it going to be if the Feds themselves have to do that?